[XeTeX] input method under windows

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk
Fri Mar 23 11:15:49 CET 2012

David J. Perry wrote:
> Hi François,
> Rather than looking for an editor, I would simply add Sanskrit as a
> language in the Windows system and locate a good Unicode font that
> supports the characters needed for Sanskrit. That way your friend could
> use any Unicode-aware text editor, of which there are many; if a
> TeX-oriented editor is desired, TeXworks (now distributed with both
> TeXLive and MiKTeX) works very well. Some of the older TeX-centric
> editors have not yet been updated to handle Unicode.

Just in case XeTeX users are not aware, WinEDT Version 7 was released
a couple of days ago, with full Unicode support.

Philip Taylor

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