[XeTeX] Is it possible to set a fonts preference sequence in XeTeX?

Cosmia Luna cosmius at gmail.com
Fri Mar 2 11:23:35 CET 2012

I'm working on documents with more than one language, usually English
and Chinese. A single font can't render the documents perfect. I have
manually set font for each language like {\fontspec{font for language
A} text in language A}, or define a macro or environment.

Also I work on more than one computer and they have different fonts
installed, I just want to make a bit of change in my secondary
computer but failed because Windows don't have DejaVu Serif by
default, and I use Linux in most of time.

So is it possible to define a fonts preference sequence, which can:

    Define a font sequence [fontA, fontB, fontC,...].
    for a single character ch:

    if( fontA exists AND ch is defined in fontA ){
        use fontA to render ch;
    }else if( fontB exists AND ch is defined in fontB ){
        use fontB to render ch;
    }else if( fontC exists AND ch is defined in fontC ){
        use fontB to render ch;
        throw NoAvailableFontException;

It's OK if the implement is complex, since a external package doesn't bother.



Cosmia Luna

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