[XeTeX] Automate table creation

Aleksandr Andreev aleksandr.andreev at gmail.com
Thu Mar 1 03:27:28 CET 2012

Hello everybody,

I am wondering if someone could guide me as to how to create a macro
in XeTeX that will do the following.

Background: I'm creating some files that demonstrate whether or not
OpenType features are correctly implemented in a font (for now, I am
only concerned with the correct positioning of diacritics). For this,
I would like to create a set of tables.
Across the columns of the table, I will have the diacritic marks; for
illustrative purposes, let's say they are U+0300, U+0301 and U+0311,
etc. (the actual file will have about 20 such marks)

Down the rows, I am putting characters, say U+0410 (Cyrillic A),
U+0415 (Cyrillic Ie), etc, about 50 total, not necessarily contiguous
within Unicode.

In each cell of the Table, all I need is to combine the character and
the diacritic.

So, for example, I'll have:

 & ̀ & ́ \\
A & À & Á \\

Here's the question: is there any way to write a TeX macro to build
this table automatically -- i.e., I feed it the list of characters and
diacritics, and it creates the Table? Basically, I'm being lazy and
not wanting to type out the entire 50x20 table.



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