[XeTeX] Problem with Sanskrit2003 and XeTeX

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2012/6/14  <hanneder at staff.uni-marburg.de>:
> Just the results of further tests: All of the font versions of Sanskrit2003
> produce the error on my system (I have tried on three computers), but not on
> my colleague's Ubuntu.
I still have all TeX Live versions since 2007 on one of my computers.
I went bacwards. I have not tried all of them, but I can say that it
was correct in TL 2009 but wrong in TL 2010 and later. My test file
and results from TL 2009 and 2010 are at

I do not know whether it is the problem of ICU or fontspec or anything
special in TL, thus I cross post it to the TL list. For members of the
TL list who do not read the xetex list I copy the relevant part of the
original post:

I have a question on XeTeX with Devanagari.

The conjunct consonant trya when printed with the font Sanskrit 2003
is not correct (त्र्य), although the correct form is produced by
simply changing to the "Nakula"-font. (The appended document contains
all the files.)

Now Sanskrit 2003 contains the correct ligature on position U+e11c.
Since all parameters are the same, I guess, because the same document
produces in one font the wrong, in the other the correct result, the
question is: where is the
mechanism that creates the problem. Is it inbuild in the font (and
occurs just in XeTeX)?

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