[XeTeX] Clipping support for XeTeX

Martin Scharrer martin at scharrer-online.de
Fri Jun 8 10:06:31 CEST 2012

Thanks. I will post it to the XeTeX list then. 
I agree with not including it into TeX Live '12 at this stage. Note that 'adjustbox' includes its own clipping drivers (but based on the same code) and therefore already allows to clip images or text with XeTeX.

Best Regards,

karl at freefriends.org schrieb:

>    Martin Scharrer has added clipping to xetex.def. 
>    ...
>    https://groups.google.com/forum/#!msg/comp.text.tex/pOR3Zv39TUA/02hiqt8TP94J
>And Joseph, evidently.  That is great!  Longstanding issue with XeTeX.
>As far as I know, xetex.def is maintained by Ross Moore, who is on this
>(XeTeX) list.  So it would be best for Ross to look at it and decide
>about integrating it and updating the xetex.def on CTAN.  I imagine
>Heiko might also be interested.  I see he's on this list too.
>In any case, I would not want to attempt the update for the TL'12 DVD.
>xetex.def is nothing to mess with in the last days before the final
>image is cut.

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