[XeTeX] Two issues with bibliography

Keith J. Schultz keithjschultz at web.de
Wed Jun 6 08:44:15 CEST 2012

Hi there,

Am 05.06.2012 um 17:44 schrieb proteus:

> Apostolos Syropoulos writes:
>> As far as I know "and" is not a Greek word!!!
>> In your opinion! Others, including the designer of biblatex, strongly
>> disagree!
>> Just copy the relevant file into your working directory, adjust it
>> to suit your own needs, and you are done!
> -----------------------------------------------------------------------
> I suggest that A.S stops polluting the list with cantankerous, condescending
> and derogatory replies.
	Interesting that you should be doing the same!

	Yet, I have to disagree. Furthermore, it is sad that your cites were so 
	minimal and thereby misleading.

	1) and is not a greek word. Yet it was written in a greek font.
		Thereby, indicating that something is very wrong with the
		coding of the source ! Therefore the triple exclamation.
		I would have used that, too!!

	2) Designers or authors of packages, design things a certain way and
	     have their reasons the way things should work and why. Just because
	     the original posted is not happy is a different matter.

	3) Apostolos, offers a solution. That is to hand code. 
	    Bibliographic work in TeX et al is not good at multi-lingual
	    support. A well know fact! So, some tweaking is required.
At least, I found his post to the point and helpful. Maybe, not what you
expected or wanted. On the other side I can not say the same of your post.



> In the past I had similar problems with bilingual text exceeding the margins
> and I was reading the topic with some interest to see if there is a solution.
> His disparaging remarks (punctuated with triple exclamation marks where a
> single full stop would suffice) cause irritation and offer no help.
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