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Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Tue Jul 31 06:45:55 CEST 2012

Hi Phil,

On 31/07/2012, at 7:35 AM, Philip TAYLOR wrote:

> OK, but how about things such as graphics ?  I already know
> that I cannot use (e.g.,) \pdfximage, \pdfrefximage and
> \pdflastximage in XeTeX, and have to use instead \XeTeXpicfile;
> if I were to migrate to LuaTeX, would I be correct in expecting
> to find a whole new set of graphics primitives ?

I know you don't like using LaTeX, but really people have
put a huge amount of effort into that, and its packages.

When I occasionally still use Plain TeX, almost always
I make use of:

   \input miniltx.tex 

This loads a *very limited* subset of LaTeX, but enough
to allow  \usepackage  to work.
Some LaTeX packages have been written in TeX, so as to not 
depend on other parts of LaTeX for loading and doing their stuff.
This includes graphics and graphicx, and perhaps color too.
(Xy-pic was written this way too!)

So you can make use of the  \includegraphics  command,
along with its options and driver support, from within
your Plain TeX documents.
This then allows you to just use them with all their
associated power and effects, without having to worry 
about how it all works ...

   ... turn on some  \tracingall  to find out just what
primitives are being constructed, to fully satiate your 
ever-inquiring mind.

>  And what of
> \XeTeX's extensions to the \font primitive ?

Isn't there some documentation about that?

> ** Phil.



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