[XeTeX] OpenType and Character variants

Lorna Priest Lorna_Priest at sil.org
Tue Jul 17 18:58:07 CEST 2012

Can someone give me the proper incantation to access Character variants 
(cv01, cv44, etc)? (I'm not using fontspec, just XeTeX) .

Currently, I have:


\font\x="#1" at 14pt \x

This shows the font “#1”. \SStext\par}


\font\x="#1" at 21pt \x

This shows the font “#1”. \CVtext\par}

\def\SStext{Flying Dogstarman}

\def\CVtext{\beginR ممم م ݦݦݦ ݦ ݥݥݥ ݥ م ممم\endR}



The Stylistic Sets in Gabriola are displaying properly. We've added 
Character Variants (as cvxx) to Scheherazade and are trying to test them 
in XeTeX (they do work in the new version of Firefox so I'm sure they 
are implemented correctly, I just can't figure out what to type to get 
them in XeTeX.

I've tried "+cv44", "+cv44=0", "+cv44=1", "+cv44,1" and none of those 
work. What am I missing?


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