[XeTeX] Footnote rule line without any footnote text material

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at web.de
Sat Jul 14 14:47:55 CEST 2012

Am 13.07.2012 um 01:01 schrieb Andy Black:

> We still get the footnotes line on the second page.

And I can make the line vanish! Just insert \newpage after the "chapter" 1.2 and its introductory text which end with "and the personal endings:", later followed by a longtable. I.e., I put the \newpage between this text and the longtable. It surely is not the the correct answer, but it shows that there is something faulty…

Now, more exact, using the TEX source file from your last ZIP archive. When you put the \newpage at the end of every line of table (4) (for the last line, the one with the italic "etc." only in the left column, you have to use \\\newpage), then the footnote line on the next page disappears.

This can be, as Ross supposed, an issue with longtable.

I'd recommend to load fontspec with the [no-math] option. This can reduce much unnecessary tracing output (and you're not doing maths). Add *some* tracing command, taken from here:


(didn't search much) (or \tracingall) to the preamble, save the file (\tracingmacros=1 and \tracinggroups=1 might be OK). Then run xelatex on the file. Save the LOG file under a new name. Now add the \newpage and save. Run xelatex on that file version. Save the LOG file under a new name. Run diff on the two LOG files and try to understand in the next hours or days what makes the differences in the 1,500 lines of output, causes the footnote line… (I'm not through yet)



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