[XeTeX] Using different fonts for devanagari and latin characters

mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca
Sun Feb 12 17:33:22 CET 2012

On Sun, 12 Feb 2012, Zdenek Wagner wrote:
> The author has right to decide how his package can be used. If people
> are discouraged to distribute it, TL maintainers feel discouraged and
> do not distribute it. I am also discouraged, thus I only point to
> CTAN. I have tried this package with a few scripts and have not found
> any problem so far.

We don't need to go through the "discourage" discussion again, but it does
seem clear to me that it's only *modified* versions that you're
discouraged from distributing, and distribution of *unmodified* versions
is not discouraged.  Much like a Creative Commons "no derivatives" license.

Whether that's "non-free" depends on how important you think modification
is to freedom; but I'm sure that if the TL maintainers distributed it at
all then they would be distributing it unmodified, so it'd be silly of
them to feel discouraged from doing that just because the author doesn't
want them to do something completely different.
Matthew Skala
mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca                 People before principles.

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