[XeTeX] Critical edition with translation on facing pages

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Wed Feb 8 20:03:01 CET 2012

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>Subject: [XeTeX] Critical edition with translation on facing pages
>I'm wondering if anyone has any experience making a critical edition, 
>with apparatus with a translation on facing pages using XeTeX, LaTeX, 
>etc. I've seen that there a number of packages for doing parallel 
>columns, etc., but they don't seen to produce good results for longer work.
>If anyone has any experience with a monograph length project, especially 
>one involving diagrams, and such, I would be interested in hearing how 
>you did it.
>I want to have the text it self on one page with a critical apparatus 
>using ednote or edmac and an English translation on the facing page, 
>with normal footnotes.
>Obviously, I will need to manually page break the English, to keep it 
>corresponding the source text, but at the moment the only way I can get 
>it to behave nicely is to number all the source page numbers with 
>consecutive odd numbers and all the translation pages with consecutive 
>even numbers and then split up the resulting .pdf file and reorganize 
>the pages.
>I'm hoping there is a better solution.

Some people like the ledpar package for this kind of thing, although I've never used it myself for anything serious. It needs the ledmac package.

Peter W. (original author of ledpar) 

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