[XeTeX] XeTeX doesn't produce legal PDF

Steve Grathwohl sgrathwohl at gmail.com
Fri Aug 24 21:57:29 CEST 2012


I just installed TeXLive 2012 via the internet on a  machine running a new
install of Windows 7. I tested XeTeX with a minimal file



Hello World!


using TeXWorks, and I get the message "Failed to load file "test.pdf";
perhaps it is not a valid PDF document."

Checking the log, I find this message at the end:

Error -1073741811 (driver return code) generating output;
file test.pdf may not be valid.

I installed TeXLive 2012 on another Windows 7 box just last week, and I
encountered no such problem. Does anyone have any idea what is keeping
dvipdfmx from creating a valid PDF? Some weird setting I need to tweak?

The other TeX engines behave as expected.

Many thanks,


"Nobody understands how imprecise a specification is until they try to
explain it to a computer. And write the program."
--Don Knuth
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