[XeTeX] XeTeX & sanskrit: which font

Steve White stevan.white at googlemail.com
Wed Aug 15 20:53:30 CEST 2012

Hi Zdenek,

All the tests we were doing on the FreeSerif Devanagari  were in the
stock Ubuntu distro version of Firefox.
No special settings were made.

Have you sorted this out?

I seem to remember some bugs having to do with web fonts... I would
have to dig through my notes.
Something like... some browsers turn off some features when fonts are
included over the Web (this is a very hazy memory).


On Wed, Aug 15, 2012 at 1:38 PM, Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com> wrote:
> 2012/8/15 Jonathan Kew <jfkthame at googlemail.com>:
>> On 15/8/12 12:09, Jonathan Kew wrote:
>>> I'm not sure why the language-specific behavior in FreeSerif isn't
>>> working in Firefox; I thought that was supported, but it appears to be
>>> broken. Will try to investigate...
>> Oh, of course... it only works if you tell Firefox to use the harfbuzz
>> back-end for Indic shaping (which is still somewhat experimental). By
>> setting gfx.font_rendering.harfbuzz.scripts to -1 in about:config, it works
>> as expected, at least in current test builds (Nightly / Aurora) -- I'm not
>> sure if this is fully supported in the final release version yet.
> Maybe it is not available for CentOS 5 and I cannot afford to upgrade
> this computer now.
>> JK
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