[XeTeX] XeTeX & sanskrit : how to sart

Helios helios at frmail.net
Wed Aug 15 13:07:33 CEST 2012

Le 15/08/12 00:47, Herbert Schulz a écrit :>
 > I don't see SaSETU on my Mac but I do have Sathu which is a ttf font.
In my case, Sathu don't work good.

Le 15/08/12 01:17, Zdenek Wagner a écrit :>
 > Remember, there are plenty of Devanagari fonts with custom encodings
 > that were intended to be used in special applications in the
 > pre-Unicode era. Such fonts will not work in XeTeX.
You're right. The barbarian period before Unicode era  ;)

 > If you do not have good Sanskrit fonts, take them either from John 
Smith's page:
 > http://bombay.indology.info/software/fonts/devanagari/
Good job. With Nakula, the result is good, and better with 
[script=Devanagari] option.

Le 15/08/12 09:15, Yves Codet a écrit :
 > Another font you could use is Siddhanta :
 > http://www.sanskritweb.net/cakram/
 > It also includes two character ranges, Devanagari Extended and Vedic
 > Extensions, which were added in Unicode 5.2.
I try.

 > Incidentally (and this is quite off-topic :), Devanagari texts on the
 > site you mentioned are very faulty
Your remark show clearly a big difficulty to learn &  to teach sanskrit 
It'sa large part for my choice with XeTeX.

 > You can download a much more reliable text, in Devanagari or
 > transliteration, on John Smith's site:
Great thanks.

Thanks you, you're very helpfull.

Now, i really started in XeTeX.


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