[XeTeX] Announcing: LuaTeX support in Polyglossia

Arthur Reutenauer arthur.reutenauer at normalesup.org
Mon Aug 6 19:51:48 CEST 2012

Royal Albert Hall, London, 6 August 2012

I have the pleasure to announce version 1.30MM of Polyglossia, that
comes with experimental support for LuaTeX.  Unfortunately I can't make
an upload to CTAN at the moment because the two CTAN'ers are on holidays
(can't blame them), but brave users can download the latest version of
Polyglossia from my GitHub repository: http://gitub.com/reutenauer/polyglossia

It should be enough to just install polyglossia.sty and the gloss files
in a local texmf tree, and I encourage users to experiment with it, and
to report back to me or to one of the lists I'm emailing this message
to; but please restrict your replies to one list only.  I suggest
luatex at tug.org as the most relevant place to conduct discussions.  In
fact, I would be glad if users could send me test documents for the
languages they're using, as Polyglossia is rather lacking.

The XeTeX list is also relevant, since adding LuaTeX support means I'm
making heavy changes to polyglossia.sty; they shouldn't, however, affect
the XeTeX side of things.  But you never know.  So again, please report
any problem.

As this is very much a work in progress, many languages still don't work
at all with LuaTeX.  I'm working on them, but at the moment any
compilation will fail, so I wouldn't advise trying them.  This includes
-- but I'm afraid won't be limited to -- Arabic, Asturian, Catalan,
French, Hebrew, Indonesian, Malaysian, Persian, Serbian, Turkish,
Urdu, Vietnamese.  And Indian languages won't work at all, as has been
discussed on the XeTeX list.  Unfortunately, there is no fix for that in
the foreseeable future.

There are different reasons why the aforementioned don't work at the
moment, and I'm aware of them.  Actually, setting the British variant of
English won't work either (which is ironic, considering the location I
send this announcement from, I know).


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