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>  As for the discussion at hand, I have no intention to participate in
> it -- although I'm afraid I'm going to be dragged into it.  This kind of
> talk is one of the most demotivating phenomena in open source
> development, or in any volunteer community, for that matter.  Having to
> go over hundreds and hundreds of emails in a couple of days, few of
> which seem to focus on concrete issues (when they're not unmitigated
> drivel), just drains any person's enthusiasm and energy -- not to
> mention time.  As Simon Spiegel asked what the reason was for the
> seemingly little progress in the XeTeX world in the past couple of
> years, I can answer for my part: this is it.  This kind of endless
> threads on mailing-lists is the main organic reason why I don't invest
> more time in development, as far as I'm concerned.  And I'm sure this is
> the case for other core developers too.

I actually wasn't asking but merely stating my opinion that this kind of discussion will not solve the problems at hand. People who actually code do. But your example seems to confirm my impression.

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