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It looks like something is happening there:
 Am 01.08.2012 17:55 schrieb "Keith J. Schultz" <keithjschultz at web.de>:

> Hi Zdenek,
> Do you know what a script is? XeTeX uses scripts! The the choice of a glyph
> is governed by a script.! Depending of the Font this is embedded into the
> Font
> itself or at least should be. Polyglossia offers another way of scripting.
> That it why I emphasize the port of Polyglossia to LuaTeX.
> Then Devagari would work for LuaTeX.
> The Developers of LuaTeX have stated openly that the personnally have no
> need for scripting and thereby given a very low-priority.
> regards
>         Keith.
> Am 01.08.2012 um 15:54 schrieb Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com>:
> [snip, snip]
> > LuaTeX can be considered a flavour of TeX thus if XeTeX can load a
> > font and use the glyphs as they are now and compose them to form a
> > word, I do not understand why a change in the script is needed. LuaTeX
> > is not able to form a word from Devanagari glyphs. MS Office,
> > OpenOffice, modern web browser can do it, so why should we discard the
> > very basics of Indic orthography a create the new one just because
> > nobody has implemented the Indic scripts in lua so far? And discard
> > all Indic fonts and create new ones that will suit the new
> > orthography?
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