[XeTeX] Compatibility issues with ednotes and pstricks or TikZ

VAFA KHALIGHI vafaklg at gmail.com
Sat Sep 24 05:04:55 CEST 2011

> Knowing that your attitude is that compatibility is everybody else's
> job and not yours, I sure wouldn't have been quick to reply to you if I
> were one of those package maintainers.

There are too many packages on CTAN, I do not know their number but let say
there are one thousands of them and bidi is one of them. If I want to add
bidi support for every single of those packages, I have to work with every
single of those package authors and do you think that it is possible?
whereas if package x adds support for bidi, then each author does its work
and one person (author of bidi) will not have to support every single
package on CTAN. Additionally, when you contact the author of a
package/class, you do not say "Hey, add bidi support to your package/class.
It is your job not mine" because it is very rude.

> > it is not the duty of bidi package to add support for other packages but
> > other packages themselves have to add bidi support. bidi should only
> support
> it created a very negative impression.  I get the idea that some of your
> difficulties with other package maintainers may be to some extent of your
> own making.

I meant that bidi can not support every single packages but other package
authors should do some sort of effort so that not that all work will be on
my shoulder. Suppose package x does not work properly with bidi (not because
bidi is faulty but because package x does not know bidi), why is that I
always have to fix it and not the author of package x, I believe this is
very unfair!

> My own point of view is that compatiblity should involve effort and
> accomodation on *both* sides.
> --
To some extent true but as I said I can not work with every single package
authors. They also should have some initiatives themselves.
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