[XeTeX] Compatibility issues with ednotes and pstricks or TikZ

Nathan Sidoli nathan.sidoli at utoronto.ca
Wed Sep 21 16:26:35 CEST 2011

I realize this is not strictly speaking a XeTeX issue, but I am 
typesetting a critical edition of an Arabic text using XeLaTeX with the 
ednotes package and I want to be able to make the diagrams for the text 
using either pstricks or TikZ so that the Arabic fonts can be changed in 
the text and diagrams simply by toggling the initial font setting.

When I load either of these graphics packages, however, the line numbers 
in the margins of the Arabic text disappear.

Has any one had a similar problem? Can any one think of a possible solution?

I can work on a minimal example, but it will probably not be that minimal.

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