[XeTeX] using xetex, leaflet and includegraphics

Marc Hohl marc at hohlart.de
Thu Sep 15 10:13:27 CEST 2011

Hello list,

I want to create a leaflet with some fancy font stuff
(therefore using XeTeX) and some graphics (in png format) included.


This is some more text.

Now, I have problems with the orientation of the paper.

I used "xdvi" instead of "dvipdfm", and in both cases the orientation
is  correct, but I cannot include png graphics:

! LaTeX Error: File `logo.bb' not found.

I tried to omit the option or use "dvipdfmx" instead, which
includes the png but the page format is wrong and the third column
runs out of the paper.

I use texlive 2009 from the latest Ubuntu distro (11.04).

Thanks in advance for any ideas!


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