[XeTeX] Dinosaurs

wodzicki at math.berkeley.edu wodzicki at math.berkeley.edu
Tue Sep 13 12:07:39 CEST 2011

> Now I come to think of it, at that 1993 meeting at RHBNC, I seem to recall
> that one of the participants was glowing with pride because he had with
> him
> a portable computer that was running unix.
> I say "portable", but his legs were buckled at the knee as he staggered
> around, and the strap dug a deep channel in his shoulder.
> The machine itself opened up like a notebook.  In my memory, it was about
> the size of a picnic table.

You are probably talking about a portable SUN. In 1992 I already got a
Sparcbook with SUN OS. In terms of weight and dimensions it was absolutely
comparable with subnotebooks that were produced just 4 years ago. It was a
great little computer.


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