[XeTeX] Hyphenation in Transliterated Sanskrit

Yves Codet yves.codet at sfr.fr
Mon Sep 12 08:01:45 CEST 2011

Le 11 sept. 2011 à 20:40, Dominik Wujastyk a écrit :

> To get appropriate hyphenation in Romanisation, we need to go down the Patgen path.  So we need to develop a large lexicon of appropriately-hyphenated romanised Sanskrit words in UTF8 encoding, and when that list is reasonably long, process it through Patgen to make patterns.
> I am slowly developing such a list, but it would be great to collaborate. 

Several years ago Somadeva Vasudeva wrote here that he had started compiling such a list. See:

Maybe he would be willing to give what he had done.



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