[XeTeX] XETEX cannot access OpenType features in PUA?

Aleksandr Andreev aleksandr.andreev at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 23:49:18 CET 2011

 mskala writes:

>> I've been watching this discussion with interest, having had similar

Basically, after I added cyrillic and latin to the subtables and
removed the color, the OpenType features started working.

Now, for the color. Searching this list reveals that there was some
discussion a while back about coloring vowels in Hebrew text
(basically, an identical problem). Judging from the discussion here:
http://tug.org/mailman/htdig/xetex/2007-July/006987.html it appears to
be impossible. The solution proposed was to print the text twice --
first the Hebrew consonants in black and then overprint the vowels in
color. I wouldn't call that a solution, but rather a workaround.

It appears that XeTeX colors are handled by inserting pdfliteral nodes
around colored items, which breaks the access to GPOS.

Unless there's been some work on this issue since 2007, it appears
that I will need to look for a different way of typesetting my


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