[XeTeX] XETEX cannot access OpenType features in PUA?

Aleksandr Andreev aleksandr.andreev at gmail.com
Sun Nov 27 22:25:28 CET 2011

Alexey Kryukov writes:

> It seems XeTeX (or rather ICU) ignores lookups assigned just to the
'> dflt' script. If you add more scripts, e. g. Latin and/or Cyrillic
> to your lookup (which you should do anyway in order to support some
> older applications) everything starts working as expected.

I added latin and cyrillic to the lookup table in Fontforge and
regenerated the TTF. However, it still not working in XeTeX as

Do I actually need to create the entire range of Latin 1 glyphs in the
font for it to work?


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