[XeTeX] VIQR pre-processor wrotten in (Xe)TeX ?

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Fri Nov 25 10:43:50 CET 2011

Thank you, John, and thank you, Diederick.  Yes, a macro replacement
within Word is one possibility, and better still would be a real
IME for VIQR so she could type VIQR and get Unicode on-screen as
each sequence is completed.  Unfortunately I have repeatedly
failed to get WinVNkey to work (missing packages) and although
Unikey is apparently up and running I shall have to wait for my
wife to come home to tell me what the dialogue boxes are saying !

My gut feeling is that either a real Windows VIQR IME or a TECkit
mapping are the optimal solutions, but as a workaround we are using
Babelpad, which is at least doing the job.

** Phil.

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