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On Nov 19, 2011, at 8:51 PM, Daniel Greenhoe wrote:

> 2011/11/20 Zdenek Wagner <zdenek.wagner at gmail.com>:
>> Printed colour samples are commercially available.
>> They are printed on different types of papers and CMYK values are given.
> Is there any such thing available in book form? That is, could you
> make a recommendation? Here in Taiwan, there is something commonly
> sold called Pantone彩色聖經 (Pantone Cai3Se4 Sheng4Jing1 = Pantone Color
> Bible). I did finally locate one in a bookstore yesterday, but it was
> sealed up and I wasn't allowed to open it without buying it.

Yes, there are / have been such books in the past / may still be available for purchase now.

Some really good books on this:




The Pantone Color Bible may be just spot colours, in which case it won't be as useful.

Far more useful is to simply understand the underlying principles of subtractive color and how printing plates are manufactured and to work with your printer to achieve the desired effects in a way which is suited to their equipment.



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