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IBM golf ball "Selectric"?


My university used to beat me over the head with an abacus made of stone
for 25 hours a day, before sending me to do data entry with a chisel at the
back end of a cave lit only by burning data-cards, while solving Eulerarian
equations for fluid motion using machine-code programming on the ribs of a
dead antelope.  Try telling that to the kids today!  Will they believe you?

On 19 November 2011 09:27, Philip TAYLOR <P.Taylor at rhul.ac.uk> wrote:

> Keith J. Schultz wrote:
>         Me I am almost 50 and have been around computers since the 80s.
>>        First was a Apple IIe, at the university we used a main frame.
> My first computer was a Clary 404, with 8K of magnetic core memory,
> a magnetic card reader and/or teletype as input device, and an
> IBM golf ball "Selectric" typewriter for output.  A 3rd-year
> undergraduate, working under my supervision, wrote a chess end-game
> solver that would run on this machine and solve end-game problems
> in reasonable time.  I wonder how many programmers today could do
> the same with 125 000 times as much memory (1Gb) ?
> ** Phil.
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