[XeTeX] TeX in the modern World. (goes OT) Was: Re: Whitespace in input

Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Sat Nov 19 10:03:09 CET 2011

bhutex wrote:
> I don't really understand why this discussion.
> Have not you read the article in TUG Boat. Don is planning to bring out a new TeX called iTeX*. Actually the * is a sound of bell - ding!!
> But it may not be free. But it can handle all types of output formats, all languages etc. etc. Don presented this paper in TUG meeting last year - because the TUG volume is a proceedings volume.

I have heard rumours that DEK has had to put work on ĭ-TeX
on hold while he addresses a more important (and previously
unsolved problem) in computer science.  Apparently, realising
that computerised embroidery is sadly deficient when compared
to the real thing, DEK has, it is rumoured, decided that
as a computer scientist it is his duty to write the ultimate,
definitive, computerised embroidery software.  It is alleged
that initially this will be solely for his, and Jill's,
private use, but as word  of this remarkable tool leaks out
into academe, ever more would-be computer embroiderers are
expected to plead for a copy, and, if the rumours are true,
DEK is therefore likely to find himself distracted from his
ground-breaking work on ĭ-TeX as he responds to bug reports
(few) and feature requests (many) from his early adopters.

Philip Taylor

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