[XeTeX] Printing OTF glyph features

Peter Dyballa Peter_Dyballa at Web.DE
Tue Nov 15 21:54:28 CET 2011

Am 15.11.2011 um 06:46 schrieb Stephan:

> Is there a way of printing, let's say, all the glyphs that would be used if a 
> feature in a font is turned on ?

Otfinfo can report the features of a font. The fontspec documentation contains some code on how to access "stylistic alternatives" or "variants" of a glyph. (There can also be contextuals [swashes or final or initial forms], small caps, ...) Otfinfo can report the glyphs inside a font. The pity is: by name only. But, this can also be a benefit: you can grep for '\.' in the names and you'll get the variations.

You could also look into the (Xe)TeX files OpenType-info.tex and AAT-info.tex.



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