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Philip TAYLOR P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk
Mon Nov 14 13:15:39 CET 2011

Chris Travers wrote:

> But what's the point of putting non-breaking spaces between a word and
> the end of a line?  or for that matter what if I alternate spaces and
> special unicode spaces? Do I get a word space for each of them?

In (e.g.,) HTML, it is by no means unusual to interweave
spaces and  s.    just before end of line is
less common, but I am sure someone has a use for it.
> I think one of the key strengths of TeX is that it can be edited
> gracefully by ANY basic text editor.  I would hate for that to be
> lost.

Indeed, that was indeed one of the great strengths of TeX 2.
Sadly DEK lost the plot in 1999 and allowed those nasty
Europeans to start using /accented characters/ (spit,
vomit) in TeX 3, at which point half the editors in the
world were made useless overnight.  Now JK has gone even
further down the same road and is actually allowing /Unicode/,
so by now perhaps 90% of the existing "basic text editors" are
useless. So we may as well disenfranchise the remaining 9.99999%
and allow invisible markup as well.


** Phil.

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