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Fri Nov 11 14:21:30 CET 2011

Hello everybody out there!

On 11/11/2011 13:55, Oleg Parashchenko wrote:
> how does XeTeX process the unicode symbol \u00a0 (non-breaking space),
> * just like any other glyph, or
> * there is some hidden magic to interpret the symbol as a space with
> special properties?

I have processed by mistake some code including the non-breaking space 
symbol. It has been processed as quite a large non breaking space, so 
the reaction is the one expected. Anyway, you shouldn’t use this symbol: 
XeTeX process the code and add non breaking space symbol when needed, 
and it uses the rules of presentation of the language in which the text 
you are processing is written. Using non breaking space symbol leads to 
a document no totally well composed. If you are in need of a non 
breaking space, use tilda (~).

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