[XeTeX] Wacky behavior of XeLaTeX in TeXLive 2011

Ross Moore ross.moore at mq.edu.au
Mon Nov 7 23:31:10 CET 2011

Hi Alessandro,

On 07/11/2011, at 10:14 PM, Alessandro Ceschini wrote:

> Hi
> To Mojca:
> No, the version I'm running is NOT the one bundled with Ubuntu 11.10 (that's TL 2009), I just downloaded a dvd of TL 2011 and installed it manually via tl-install. Installation is complete (every package), and nothing of the TL 2009 package bundled with Ubuntu is installed. I checked this.
> To Ross:
> So, are you suggesting I should downgrade to TL 2010?

I was responding to Mojca's comment:

>>> But Ubuntu probably just took the released version and not the branch
>>> with fixes. Also, unless I'm mistaken, I'm not aware of official TL
>>> distribution shipping patched binaries either and I don't exactly
>>> understand why since the mechanism to ship new binaries is in place.

which seems to be advocating that since patched binaries are available
then everyone (!) should be getting them, more or less automatically.

That is most certainly not the case. By all means get them if you want to,
realising that you could be on the cutting edge, and it is entirely your 
own responsibility --- but you'll find people on this list (and others)
who are willing to help when/if you run into trouble. 

Ubuntu and other package managers must decide when it is appropriate 
to update. This decision will be made in accordance with what they 
know about a large number of their users, or maybe a small number 
of very important users.

As for myself, I would never advise anyone to update onto the cutting
edge, unless I was confident that they knew how to handle it.
This does *not* mean that I am advocating against updating, nor to
downgrading. You must work out what is appropriate for yourself, 
in whatever are your circumstances, then act accordingly. 

> Previously I was using just that version, without any apparent problem, all started when I upgraded to TL 2011 (but after a fresh install, so no remnants of TL 2010 on my hard disk).
> Regards
> -- 
> /Alessandro Ceschini/

Hope this helps,

 (and apologies to Mojca if I've just mis-represented him)


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