[XeTeX] Wacky behavior of XeLaTeX in TeXLive 2011

R (Chandra) Chandrasekhar chyavana at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 13:19:42 CET 2011

Dear Alessandro Ceschini,

I am no expert but I run Kubuntu 11.10 and have a full TeXLive 2011 
installation from the DVD. So, I should be able to replicate your 
situation somewhat.

However, I do not have TeXWorks and use kate or kile instead. So, I 
cannot replicate that aspect of what you do.

I was able to run and compile your minimal file without problems. See below.

On Monday 07 November 2011 05:20 PM, Alessandro Ceschini wrote:

> I uploaded a minimal working example, it's a stripped down version of a
> book, text removed apart from a stub using greek text (Unicode
> capabilities), the prologue is intact, the default font is Tinos, a
> freely downloadable font, but if you want you can substitute it with
> LiberationSerif or any other font that supports polytonic Greek.

I have substituted LiberationSerif for Tinos in the two places where it 
occurs and called the file strippe-down.tex. I ran it through xelatex 
twice in a console.

I have attached to this email the source .tex file, the .log file, the 
.aux file, and the .pdf output so that more knowledgeable folks than me 
on this list might be able to pinpoint where the problem lies, by 
looking at those files.

> Please provide me with an example for pdflatex, I don't know how to use
> it :)

Your use of fontspec precludes compilation by pdflatex and your use of 
polyglossia precludes compilation by lualatex, at least on my setup.

May I request you please not to break the thread. Kindly use "reply 
list" "or reply all" in your replies using your mail user agent. This 
will keep all  emails on this subject in one thread when this thread is 
archived for future reference. Thank you.


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