[XeTeX] Wacky behavior of XeLaTeX in TeXLive 2011

Vafa Khalighi vafaklg at gmail.com
Mon Nov 7 12:28:04 CET 2011

> So, are you suggesting I should downgrade to TL 2010? Previously I was
> using just that version, without any apparent problem, all started when I
> upgraded to TL 2011 (but after a fresh install, so no remnants of TL 2010
> on my hard disk).
I do not think there has been major changes in XeTeX from TeXLive 2010 to
2011. As I understand, your problem has to do with texworks and not with
xetex so I do not see how downgrading your TeX distribution can help here.
I am also using Ubuntu 11.10 and have not experienced any problem with
XeTeX binary. For instance, can you test if you have problem with pdflatex
in TeXWorks too? if you do not, then obviously TeXWorks is faulty and not
your XeTeX binary. About your problem with fontspec, it may be a fontspec
bug but if you send a minimal working example, we can look at it.
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