[XeTeX] TECkit map for Latin alphabet to Unicode IPA

Daniel Greenhoe dgreenhoe at gmail.com
Thu Nov 3 15:23:22 CET 2011

Attached to this email is an ASCII to Unicode IPA map file (TECkit
mapping file). It is not complete; for example, it does not cover
somewhat "exotic" symbols like "characters for disordered speech".

A more complete package can be downloaded from here:
It includes these files:
  ascii-uipa.map:  not-compiled map file
  ascii-uipa.tec:    compiled map file
  test.pdf:  simple demo
  test.tex:  XeLaTeX source for test.pdf
  zhipa.pdf: IPA renderings for the roughly 403 sounds (disregarding
tones) of Mandarin Chinese typeset using ascii-uipa.map mappings.

In case it is not immediately clear from examining these files, it
should be pointed out that I am not an expert in either IPA or
Chinese. So, there are no guarantees of accuracy in anything anyone
may find in any of the files mentioned previously.

I wish I could offer a more complete package. But at this point, it is
difficult to justify the time. Many many thanks to all the people who
so generously offered help along the way including (but certainly not
necessarily limited to) Andy Lin, Ross Moore, Zdenek Wagner (who
introduced me to TECkit mapping with regards to another project),
Ulrike Fischer, and Peter Dyballa.

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