[XeTeX] Hyperref \hyperlink and \hypertarget not working with accented characters

Danyll Wills dwills at netvigator.com
Thu Nov 3 12:46:21 CET 2011

Phil, I use XeLaTeX for Chinese, Japanese and Mongolian. I have watched the discussion over the past few days and am 100 per cent behind you. I started my programming life in the early '80s using 8086 Assembly language. Nothing irritates me more than the idea that ASCII is the only way to go. Your latest explanation was spot on! Well done.


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On 3 Nov, 2011, at 18:35, "Philip TAYLOR (Webmaster, Ret'd)" <P.Taylor at Rhul.Ac.Uk> wrote:

> Dear Arthur, Paul, Heiko, Ross, others --
>>   Please stop.  I am serious.  Just stop.
> I was serious too (even when speaking of nominating Heiko
> for the non-existent position of vice-Grand-Wizard of TeX :
> that was a genuine expression of respect for his quite remarkable
> solution to the problem of ascertaining whether a given control
> word was, or was not, a TeX primitive).  I was also very serious
> when I sought to defend the right of someone who wished to use
>>    \hyperlink {rAsociación}{APLT (1988)}
>> with
>>    \hypertarget {rAsociación}{Asociación para la Promoción de Lecto-Escritura Tlapaneca.  1988.}
> There is no reason at all why someone using \hyperlink and \hypertarget
> should need to know anything about AdobeStandardEncoding, byte strings,
> UTF-16, or any of the other deeply technical considerations that
> prevent "rAsociación" from being used /directly/ as a Name string;
> whatever massaging that is necessary to convert from "rAsociación"
> to a derived byte string in AdobeStandardEncoding (or whatever)
> should be the responsibility of the intervening software layer
> that implements \hyperlink and \hypertarget.  It surely /cannot/
> be acceptable in the 21st century to tell such an author "Don't use
> non-ASCII characters in the link" unless such a statement is qualified
> with the words "until such time as the intervening software layer is
> updated to allow such things".
> /This/ was the point that I was seeking to make, and if I made it
> badly, then I apologise : all messages sent over the last few days have
> been sent in conditions of extreme difficulty, with one arm completely
> useless (as a result of a tendon injury) and considerable pain (for
> the same reason).
> Very sincerely :
> ** Phil.
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