[XeTeX] Linux Libertine and e-macron

Martin Steer martinsteer at maxi.net.au
Wed May 18 14:59:59 CEST 2011

Kārlis Repsons wrote:

>I set that up and except for one strange problem, which I resolved,
>worked seemingly all fine. The strange problem was this: with the old
>version of Linux Libertine (4.4.1) word "Pērse" was output well, but
>with the new 4.7.5 one it was output so that 'ē' gets printed right onto
>'P' without counting P's width... Here is why for me the old versions of
>fonts will now matter and I set up a git VCS repository on that

This is listed as an open bug on the Libertine bug tracker. A
work-around using fontspec is to set 'Diacritics = NoMarkToBase', as
suggested by the description of the bug: 'e-macron is misplaced when
"mark" feature is on'.

The bug doesn't compromise bold and italic styles.


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