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John Was john.was at ntlworld.com
Fri May 6 20:02:48 CEST 2011

Dear XeTeX users

Is there some documentation to explain the correct usage of \XeTeXpdffile (preferably with worked examples)?  I typeset a periodical using plain XeTeX and there are always a few contributors who have forgotten to fill in the copyright form, which is a 2-page PDF (but that could easily be split into two separate single-page PDFs if it were easier).  Where a contributor needs a reminder, I would like to include the PDF of the copyright form at the end of the first proof of the article or review, and I can easily set this up as a conditional:

   \vfill \eject
    [include the PDF here]
\else \relax \fi

But I have found that only a portion of the PDF appears visible, and in the wrong position, even if the code after \ifnocopyright include a couple of \pageinsert.... \endinsert commands.

As a stopgap I have printed and scanned each of the two pages, and I include these as two consecutive \XeTeXpicfile commands.  Apart from the fact that this is intellectually unsatisfying, the scans (of full A4 pages) had to be done at high resolution to achieve an acceptable result, and this greatly adds to the length of the PDF of the contribution (with multiple occurrences it increases the length of the PDF of the whole issue to an enormous extent, slowing down processing).

I get the two \XeTeXpicfile pages exactly positioned by using \rput* from PSTricks (the * usefully overwrites the cropmarks and running headlines), but I can't see any specific instructions on how to position \XeTeXpdffile pages at will - and I suspect that is the underlying problem that I need to overcome.

I'm sure all of this is very neatly handled by some XeLaTeX package, but for various reasons it's best, at least for the time being, that I continue with tried and tested plain XeTeX.   I hope someone can help.

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