[XeTeX] Character Variants

Paul Isambert zappathustra at free.fr
Sun Mar 27 22:28:36 CEST 2011

Le 27/03/2011 22:07, mskala at ansuz.sooke.bc.ca a écrit :
> On Sun, 27 Mar 2011, Peter Dyballa wrote:
>> U+8FBB exists in this and quite a few other fonts, but which font has U+E0100?
>> (And since this character is outside the BMP, the Basic Multilingual Pane, it
>> won't be some usual font.)
> U+E0100 is not a graphic character in itself, but a "variation selector"
> specifying an alternate form for the preceding character; it behaves a
> little bit like a combining character.  What I don't know is how that's
> supposed to be implemented - whether it is done by the font with glyph
> substitution, or by some other mechanism that requires support from the
> rendering engine.

Both, actually. The font by itself does nothing, it simply indicates 
what the rendering engine should do. I suppose (because it's seems the 
simplest way here) that this is implemented as a ligature.


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