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Thanks for your responses.

What is the syntax to make every word in the index clickable so one can navigate from index words to the text ?

Should we put instruction before each word in the index ?

 \hyperlink{\index}{Google} Recherche de \hyperlink{\index}{blogs} est l'application de la \hyperlink{\index}{technologie de recherche} Google aux blogs. Google est un fervent défenseur du mouvement d'auto-publication que représentent les blogs. Nous espérons que Google Recherche de blogs aidera nos utilisateurs.

There is something else to do.

Many thanks

> Date: Wed, 9 Mar 2011 08:47:57 -0500
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> Subject: Re: [XeTeX] hypertext index
> On Tue, 8 Mar 2011 23:12:54 -0500, Alan Munn <amunn at gmx.com> wrote:
> > I'm no expert on this, so I'd best stop while I'm ahead. Does makeindex
> > sort non-English things properly without resorting to special devices in
> > the index entries?   Anyway, there is no problem as far as I know with
> > hyperref and makeindex; the problems with makeindex are related to its
> > ability to deal easily with non-English sort orders.
> Ok, that makes sense.  In our case, sorting doesn't cause a problem,
> because the index entries I mentioned contained phonemic (linguistic,
> non-orthographic) representations, and there *is* no "right" way to sort
> them.  (Fortunately for us, the index entries contain English text
> introducing them, so the sorting works on that, and any remaining ambiguity
> in sorting affects at most a few entries.)  
> If on the other hand you were creating index entries for words written in
> an orthography for which there was s "correct" sort order, like a
> Perso-Arabic or Indic script language, then I would imagine that makeindex
> cannot know how to sort them.  You can't even sort by the Unicode code
> points, since different languages using the same Unicode blocks can (and
> often do) have distinct sort orders.  All this is explained in xindy's FAQ:
>    http://xindy.sourceforge.net/doc/faq-1.html#ss1.1
> which I should have looked at first.
> <search for "unicode" at xindy site> Hmm, looks like the real problem with
> xindy is that it doesn't speak Unicode...there was a little discussion
> about changing it to be UTF-8 aware, but it's not clear that ever got done.
> So yes, I can see how that would be a problem!  Similarly for BibTeX, I
> guess; we're using it successfully with XeLaTeX, but probably only because
> our use of Unicode in the citations is minimal, and we've been lucky.
> So yes, I see your point!
>    Mike Maxwell
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