[XeTeX] Space characters and whitespace

enrico.gregorio at univr.it enrico.gregorio at univr.it
Thu Mar 3 21:29:14 CET 2011

Tobias Schoel wrote:

> Thanks for the info.
> Will something break up, when using
> \newunicodechar{<U+2009>}{\,\hspace{0pt}}
> \newunicodechar{<U+202F>}{\,}
> in the preamble? Or does some important or highly used package 
> use these characters specifically?

No package that I know of does anything with these characters. But that's
not the correct syntax; either you put the actual characters in the first
argument, or write as Ulrike suggested


Notice the lowercase f. Then any such character in your document will
translate to "breakable thin space" and "non breakable thin space"


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