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Peter Davis pfd at pfdstudio.com
Thu Mar 3 16:13:37 CET 2011


I'm testing some code I wrote to generate .tex files from XML files.  These
.tex files are then processed via XeLaTeX to produce PDF.  The code seems to
be working, in that I get a valid .tex file, which then compiles into a
valid PDF.

However, running one test of 34,500 pages took 10 hours(!) to compile with
XeLaTeX.  This was on a 3GHz/4Gb Windows 7 Pro machine, using the XeTeX from
MiKTeX 2.9.

I expected this job to complete in a matter of minutes, but it basically
took 100 times longer than I anticipated.  The job uses perhaps a dozen PDFs
via \includegraphics, but it uses the sames ones over and over again.  It
also uses  \textpos to position blocks of text arbitrarily on the page.

Can anyone think of reasons why it might be so slow?  The .tex file I have
is 123Mb, but I can create a smaller one, with just 2 pages, if anyone can
help diagnose the performance issue.

Thank you!


The Tech Curmudgeon
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