[XeTeX] Space characters and whitespace

Ulrike Fischer news3 at nililand.de
Thu Mar 3 14:59:54 CET 2011

Am Wed, 02 Mar 2011 22:07:04 +0100 schrieb
enrico.gregorio at univr.it:

> In (Xe)LaTeX, \, inserts a kern and TeX won't break a line at a kern unless
> it's followed by glue (a normal space, usually). Thus you can get what you
> want by
> \newunicodechar{<U+2009>}{\,\hspace{0pt}}
> \newunicodechar{<U+202F>}{\,}
> (with the real characters, of course).

Hm. It may be the main purpose of \newunicodechar to be able to use
"the real char" in its first argument. But wouldn't this work too
(and remove the burden to have to find out how to input the real


Ulrike Fischer 

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