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enrico.gregorio at univr.it enrico.gregorio at univr.it
Wed Mar 2 17:04:12 CET 2011

BPJ wrote:

> I just realized that the solution to a problem I've had may lurk 
> here: I've been using interpuncts U+00B7 inside some words, and
> XeTeX won't hyphenate those words.  However it's not only that I
> want them hyphenated -- I don't want them hyphenated too close
> to the interpunct!  Never closer than two ordinary letters and
> preferably more if possible.  When there are many of those words
> it gets quite annoying to insert soft hyphens by hand.

You can try with


Thus the MIDDLE DOT will typeset itself, there will no line break
after it and the \hspace{0pt} allows the following word to be
hyphenated. You can't control the number of letters before the
hyphen, but (Xe)TeX is generally not abundant with hyphens.

Note that you can use the defined character in the second argument
as itself, this is a felicitous consequence of the implementation of
\newunicodechar. :)


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