[XeTeX] Quotation marks

José Carlos Santos jcsantos at fc.up.pt
Wed Jun 8 14:26:23 CEST 2011

On 08-06-2011 11:50, Ulrike Fischer wrote:

>> Can someone please explain why is it that if I compile the document:
>> \documentclass{article}
>> \usepackage{fontspec,lmodern}
>> \usepackage[T1]{fontenc}
>> \begin{document}
>> «A»
>> \end{document}
>> what I get is
>> ńAż
>> instead of
>> «A» ?
> Because you are using T1 font encoding. For xetex you should use
> EU1. If you need fontenc for one or the other reason (you don't need
> it in your example) load it before fontspec. Remove also the lmodern
> package. fontspec already use this fonts as default.

Many thanks to you and to all others who replied.

Best regards,

Jose Carlos Santos

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