[XeTeX] amsrefs and xeCJK don't play nice together

Simon Cozens simon at simon-cozens.org
Mon Jul 18 02:45:31 CEST 2011


	I'm trying to write an article in Japanese with some bibliographic elements
in English. I'm using xeCJK to automatically swap fonts between Japanese and
English without explicitly marking up the different languages, but it seems
that the xeCJK package eats some of the punctuation characters in my bibliography.

	A minimal test case is attached; with the xeCJK package commented out, the
bibliography is correct. With it active, the commas between names and between
book title, publisher and address are all omitted for the Japanese entry.

	All my TeXnical skills have atrophied through lack of use, but it seems like
the first element of BibSpec commands (e.g. the comma in
	    +{,} { }                            {address}
) is being eaten somewhere.

	I guess the problem is probably within xecjk, because it messes around with
punctuation catcodes. (I have tried setting \punctstyle, but nothing helps.)
Since amsrefs seems to be the only way to do mixed-language UTF8
bibliographies nicely, it would be great if we could get this to work.

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