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> The IPA has its drawbacks, that is true, and is more intended to
> convey intra-language differences than inter-language, but it is
> still almost certainly the best way in which to present the sounds
> of a language to an audience with no previous familiarity with
> the sounds of which it is composed.
> In Michael's own examples :
>        ᏌᏊ: Sah-Gwoo
>        ᏍᎪᎯ: Skoh-Hee
> the "ᏌᏊ" and "ᏍᎪᎯ" elements are fine for native speakers
> familiar with the sound system, but the broad transcription
> into "Sah-Gwoo" and "Skoh-Hee" does leave a great deal to
> be desired, as Peter Dyballa suggests.
The syllabary letters are named as they are normally sounded. Makes learning
to read and write much easier than with, say, "English"


Just as an FYI: the language is also Tonal to a degree and is Polysynthetic.

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