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> > Here is the current results attached as a single page PDF.
> I'm missing the use of IPA – how do you pronounce these words?

I don't the use of IPA. And I am sure my students would not have a desire to
learn another alphabet.

The Cherokee alphabet is a Syllabary.

ᏌᏊ: Sah-Gwoo (the "g" here is a bit hard, more like a "k", but not that
ᏍᎪᎯ: Skoh-Hee (the "k" here is a bit soft, more like a "g", but not that

Try this link for more information if interested:

In particular, download the audio zip and play Track 04

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   - Learn to speak Cherokee: http://www.cherokeelessons.com/
   - Cherokee Language Help BBS/Chat:
   - Cherokee Lessons PDF made with: http://www.lyx.org/
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