[XeTeX] Another hyphenation problems -- hyphenmins

Thomas Fehige thomas at fehige.de
Fri Jul 15 13:25:17 CEST 2011

Hello again,

I'm still struggling with the hyphenation. In German, you usually set 
hyphenmins to 2,2. That is apparently done in gloss-german.ldf, where it 


and it works fine as long as German is the only language I'm declaring. 
If I declare \setotherlanguage{english} after 
\setdefaultlanguage{german} it seems that this setting of hyphenmins is 
forgotten. In the example below, what I expect from \showhyphens{eine, 
alte, Dame} would be "ei-ne", "al-te", "Da-me" but instead I get no 
hyphenation at all. When I swap the two lines where the languages are 
declared, I get the German hyphenmins. I'm not sure if then the English 
hyphenation is damaged in any way. This behaviour is not what I'd expect.

Thanks for your time -- Thomas
\setdefaultlanguage{german}		% to see the effect
\setotherlanguage{english}		% swap these two lines

	\showhyphens{eine, alte, Dame}

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