[XeTeX] Bold unit vectors

Tobias Schoel liesdiedatei at googlemail.com
Sat Jul 2 10:57:23 CEST 2011


Unicode 6.0.0, chapter 15 
(http://www.unicode.org/versions/Unicode6.0.0/ch15.pdf) reveals some 

Unicode does provide \imath and \jmath symbols (u+1d6a4 und u+1d6a5), 
but these are part of the regular, italic Latin math alphabet, so any 
markup such as \mathbf will be lost on them. [In difference to the usual 
TeX-behavior of \imath and \jmath]

But Unicode also specifies, that \imath and \jmath need not be used in 
simple cases, since \hat i should yield a dotless i with a circumflex on 
top. [i and j have the Soft_Dotted property]

\imath and \jmath are provided for cases, in which the \hat (or other 
diacritical marks) spans more than a single letter, such as

\widehat{a+i}=\hat a+\hat i

I still don't understand, why this equation couldn't possibly be bold, 
but Unicode only provides for regular italic.

So in your case, \mathbf{\hat i}, \hat\mathbf{i} (with unicode-math) or 
\hat ��  [u+1d48a] should yield the desired result, but it doesn't (at 
least with me).



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